Our activities includes

( 1 ) Education/ Training

( 2 ) The prevention or relief of poverty

( 3 ) Accommodation / HOUSING

( 4 ) Provides building/facilities/open space

We operate in England and abroad, we started with Charity shop in Harlow Essex, so as to raise funds for the cause we believe in. A dancing and modelling group in Eastham and Newham.  We are planning to start a training centre for Drug Abuse in Harlow as soon as possible.

Our main priorities are on the needy children and young people, including Orphans and Widows. Presently we have been allocated some lands in Nigeria, we are proposing to put some structures on the land for Hostels, Cookery centre Schools, Recreation centres, Hospital, Chapel, Poultry, Fish pond etc.

Our project continued to Africa, Digging of Wells and Bore Holes for cleaner water to eradicate River Blindness in some areas, Ring worms, Malaria Fever, Typhoid Fever and the rest of them.